Corona Virus Updates

Clinic Policies and Updates Surrounding the Corona Virus Outbreak

The health, safety, and on-going care of our patients, clients, and staff has always been the priority of the staff at Dearborn Animal Hospital, and continues to be our primary concern at this time.

Veterinary Medicine is considered a Essential Public Health Service by the AVMA and USDA, and to that end we are continuing to operate as safely and efficiently as possible during this crisis, to continue to bring the care you need to your pet(s).

We have made several changes to our operations to improve the safety of our clients and staff, and continue to monitor suggestions from the CDC and American Veterinary Medical Association daily. We will continually update our Website, Facebook, and send periodic Newsletters to keep our clients appraised of any changes or updates as they happen.

Client Letter from Our Staff

Dear Clients,

We just want to thank you for your on-going support!  As we all deal with the current crisis and “shelter at home” we wanted to give you an important update.

Dearborn Animal Hospital is considered an “essential” business and so we are working to maintain our regular business hours with some important changes to the way we operate.  Understand these steps are being taken to provide the best safety for both our staff and our clients.  Please note some of these changes listed below to better serve you.

  • We have closed our Lobby and waiting areas, so we now will meet you outside and start the process of checking you in, and will then take your pet into be examined and or treated.  In cases of emergency, quality of life discussions or euthanasia we will make arrangements for owners to be with their pet on a case-by-case basis. If this is expected, please be sure that you are wearing a mask or face covering - we cannot allow any members of the public into the clinic without proper protective equipment.
  • If your pet is in the hospital please do not leave the parking lot.  We will communicate with you in the parking lot, by phone, or in person with proper distancing. 
  • We still have same-day appointments and work-in appointments.  To limit the time you might have to sit in the car, please call ahead to let us know that you need to come in and what is the reason for your visit.
  • We thank everyone for staying home for their safety.  We have begun to change our staffing as the daily schedule allows.  This means that we have limited our staff to provide the safest workplace possible.  All of our staff is now wearing masks and washing their hands more regularly for your safety as recommended by the CDC.  These steps are taken for everybody’s safety.  
  • Food and Medications for your pet are still in stock and available at Dearborn.  We do ask that you support your local businesses at this time.  We offer many of the same medications in our pharmacy and hospital at prices near, and many times better than, the on-line big box sites.  You can use our on-line pharmacy or call in your order, and we can get it ready for you to pick up.  We work directly with the food and pharmaceutical companies so we many times have products that are delayed or back-ordered on-line.  We thank you for supporting your local animal hospital by purchasing from us.  We will work with you to fill prescriptions for long term medications and schedule blood-work only as needed.
  • We do recommend that you try to keep up with your annual exam, but most importantly your pet’s vaccines.  A current Rabies vaccine is still required by law so please keep your pet up to date.     

Please stay safe and if you need us we are here for you and your pet!


Your Veterinarians and Staff

Current Social Distancing Policies In Place:

Last Update: April 29, 2020

  • We will be continuing to maintain all social-distancing policies, including maintaining a Closed Lobby, until May 15, 2020. At this time, we will re-evaluate our policies based on the current recommendations of public health officials.
  • All clients must remain outside during the exam / appointment of their pet. Upon arriving at the clinic, a staff member will greet you at the door, and get you checked in. All clients will wait in their cars - a Vet Assistant will collect your pet, bring it to the exam room, and the Veterinarian will give you a call to review questions and go over findings. The only exceptions to this rule will be for  Euthanasias and Emergencies. We will make every attempt to provide a safe environment for owners to discuss Quality of Life matters with the veterinarian and to stay with their pet. Emergencies will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • All staff members are required to wear a protective face mask while working with clients or within close proximity of one another. We are continuing to be rigorous about sanitizing all pens and surfaces in the building, as well as washing hands constantly and between each patient and client.
  • Our Lobby is Closed. All patients waiting to be seen are to wait outside with a 6-foot radius between themselves and other clients, or in their cars. This allows us to prevent any close-contact in our lobby for clients and staff, and allows us to sanitize each room between patients, to provide the cleanest environment possible. Please do not wait in our lobby unless instructed to do so by our staff.

  • We are still open for routine and emergency patients, but we recommend Appointments to decrease your waiting time and possible exposure. We will ensure that your patient is up-to-date on current vaccine schedules, but if you can defer your routine appointment until after May 15, please do. Rabies vaccines are still required by law to be up-to-date, and can be done separately from the annual visit to minimize your wait time. Due to a large number of emergent patients, we are experiencing extended wait-times for work-in patients. Please be aware that you may have a long wait if coming in to the clinic as a work-in.
  • Prescriptions and Food Pickups are still available. Please call ahead, so that we can set your items aside and minimize your wait time. 
  • For all Immune-compromised and Sick Individuals, please reach out to us via phone or email. Do not come to the clinic! We will work with you to determine what steps we can take to treat your pets without exposing you to further contagion. If we determine that your patient is experiencing an emergency and needs to be seen, we will work to minimize any exposure during your visit, and encourage you to have neighbors, family members, or friends bring your pet. We can contact you via telephone during the exam to discuss your pet's symptoms and the medical plan.
  • If in clinic for Emergency Procedures or Euthanasias, please feel free to wash your hands! We have sinks and soap in each room, and hand-sanitizer stations at our front desk. This helps prevent the spread of any contagion. It protects you, our community, and our staff! Please help us practice social distancing, even the in Exam Rooms, to ensure that we can treat your pet in safety. It is recommended to leave 6 to 10 feet of distance between yourself and other individuals at all times. All members of the public that enter the clinic are required to provide and wear their own face mask / shield at all times.
  • Any Staff Members who experience symptoms (or who have members of their households experiencing symptoms) of the Corona Virus are being sent home to quarantine immediately. We are monitoring the CDC Guidelines and Recommendations, but currently are requiring any staff members under quarantine to have a household free of symptoms for 7 days prior to returning to work. We are in constant communication with all staff, determining their health risks, to ensure that our staff and clients are able to maintain the best health possible.

Resources and Links:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Corona Virus Website

American Veterinary Medical Association - Animal Health and Welfare Corona Virus Updates

Please continue to monitor your local news for further updates and policy changes on the Corona Virus!

Question of the Week: Can my Pet spread or contract COVID-19?

There has not been any documented transmission of COVID-19 from our domestic animals to humans.

However, just like all surfaces, if your pet is handled by someone who has contracted the Corona Virus, their fur/collar/leash can be considered a fomite (an object or material that can carry infection). It is recommended to continue practicing good hygiene when handling your pets by washing hands, and if you or a family member is ill, minimize their contact with your pet.

Please follow This Link to see the latest article by the American Animal Hospital Association that discusses the relationship between Companion Animals and the Corona Virus.

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